Old Capitol: Slipway (installed at Acadia Summer Arts Program, Maine), 16mm fim loop on reversed projector, B&W/Color, 15min, 2011.

Old Capitol is comprised of drawings, collages, and films derived from research conducted in the coastal region surrounding Monterey, CA. Slipway, a 16mm portrait of the remains of a whaling station, considers history as a material process, a literal viewpoint from which time is perceivable. Shifting between black and white images of desiccated whale bones (retired from early 19th century natural history exhibitions) and a color view of the sea at the coincidence of high tide and sunset, the filmstrip is a silent attempt to reconstitute an historical site.


Old Capitol: Slipway, photographs, graphite, plaster dust, scotch tape on paper, 16" x 20", 2010, ongoing.










Old Capitol